What is CODP?

Leaders must have CODP (Certified Organization Development Practitioner)

CODP is an international competency certification in the field of organizational development that aims to complement the competencies of leaders in transforming themselves and the organization so that they are always ready to face changes in a disruptive business environment

AFMA (Australian Academy of Finance & Management) is an organization that issues a CODP certification

B N C (Business Number Consulting) is the only AFMA strategic partner trusted in developing OrganizationalDevelopment training materials and simultaneously carrying out OD certification education for business owners and leaders

Why Leaders need CODP?

Welcome O_VUCA (Opportunity-Volatility-Uncertainty-Complexity-Ambiguity). Changes in today's business environment offer volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity which are commonly called disruptive business environments but behind all that there are many opportunities when owners and business people are able to conquer them

Every leader must have business competencies in various areas ranging from marketing, finance, production, information technology, human resources, accounting, but these competencies cannot be used when you want to transform the organization needed to conquer a disruptive business environment

Leaders must understand correctly about the organization when they want to transform it. The risk of failure to carry out organizational transformation is largely determined by the leadership expertise in optimizing "organization literacy"

The competence of owners and business leaders must be like a coin where one side is competence in various business areas such as marketing, finance, accounting, human resources, information technology, operations, supply chain and the other side is Organization Development

CODP will complement business owners and leaders in "organization anatomy" and synergizing people, strategy, structure, and process of organization

What Organizational Symptom can CODP solve?

  1. You want to transform the Organization, but You are confused where to start
  2. Competition makes your organization confused about where to go or what it will be
  3. Your organization's performance is slowing or even deteriorating, but You don't know what the problem is
  4. Your organization is difficult to be invited to change and many small kings in it
  5. Your organization is increasingly bureaucratic, but you don't know how to simplify it
  6. Your leader is ineffective because the employee nullifies it
  7. Your organization is very organized, planned, and well-coordinated, but you are confused about how to make them creative and competitive
  8. Your organization is full of gossip, rumors, and various political activities that damage the organization's competitiveness
  9. Your employees are very self-satisfied, even though you feel there is still much to achieve in the organization
  10. You as a Leader do not know how to give legacy to organizations

What Leaders learn?

Day One (6 Intensive Hour) : How do organizations adapt to disruptive business environments?, How to build growth mindset?, How to sharpen strategic thinking?, and How to build effective leadership and organizational culture?

Day Two (6 Intensive Hour) : How to transform organization & work (Job) design?, How to transform performance, reward, career, & information system?, How to transform decision making, deal with conflict, politics, team work, & interaction?, and How to do strategic intervention?

What is unique about CODP?

The uniqueness of CODP is the use of the latest whole mindset management techniques in developing the thinking skills of owners and business leaders in transforming themselves and the organization

Business owners and leaders can see, hear, feel, smell various organizational problems and know clearly how to solve them. Some organizational symptoms that can be managed after having CODP

Organization Development Education Framework

Every business owner and leader has different eyeglasses about business and organizations.

The difference is due to differences in the dominant thinking ability possessed.

The dominant thinking ability produces 4 roles chosen by each person, namely Thinker, Challenger, Lover, and Dreamer

These 4 roles give birth to 4 mindsets a bout business , 4 leadership styles, 4 strategic thinking, 4 organizational culture, 4 ways of controlling, and 4 ways to build organizational anatomy that starts with strategy, structure, process, and people

A disruptive business environment can only be conquered by leaders who are able to have 4 roles at once, namely Thinkers, Challengers, Lovers, and Dreamers, or what we call whole mind leaders. The perfection of organizational transformation is very much determined by how many whole mind leaders are in the organization