Certified of Mindset Development Practitioner (CMDP) is a competency certification that enables you to understand and develop thinking abilities mapping as the basis for forming mindsets, talents, and personality. CMDP equips you in optimizing the role of everyone in the organization and at the same time building an organizational culture in accordance with the expectations of the organization.

CMDP is an international certification issued by AFMA Australia. Business Number Consulting (BNC) is AFMA's partner in developing competency modules, providing education, and CMDP certification exams in Indonesia.

CMDP is intended for leaders to recognize themselves and at the same time build a growth mindset for everyone they lead so as to form a competitive organizational culture.

The investment of Rp. 12,000,000 for education, assessment, and exam. If you are interested, then click here to register or for information WA number 081-23599981 Yossie or

The speaker is Devie Deviesa., Ph.D., OD He is Chairman, Business number Consulting and Indonesian Association of Organization Development Practitioner

Investments include education, certification exams, and mapping your thinking abilities using the Whole Mindset Assessment (WMA). Whole Mindset Assessment (WMA) is a technology-based thinking abilities mapping that is used to reveal who you are, your mindset, and your talents that underlie your personality and behavior.