You are your Mindset. Your Mindset defines who you are. Even your fate depends on your Mindset. You must change your Mindset if you want to change who you are and your destiny. Changing one's Mindset isn't as simple as flipping a coin. You must undergo MIND REVOLUTION

MIND REVOLUTION means Opening Your Mindset. Your Mindset should be similar to that of a parachute that only operates when open. When you close it, your Mindset becomes your LIFE'S PRISON. Your Mindset mainly determines the way you define things in life. Sometimes you aren't even aware of it. However, it turns out that other people are the ones who define your life. Perhaps they will even be the ones to decide your destiny. When you just have one definition for everything else in your life, it's as if you're living in a jail. In your life, you are not free to do anything.

MIND REVOLUTION is all about having a Growth Mindset. A Growth Mindset enables you to redefine everything in your life. A Growth Mindset broadens your perspective on everything in life. A Growth Mindset colors the journey of your life. A Growth Mindset alters your destiny. Fate must be confronted. The only thing that distinguishes a successful person from a failure is their Mindset.

MIND REVOLUTION assists you in regaining control of yourself. You become a newborn baby. You have the opportunity to restart your life. You have the option of putting your painful history behind you. You've been reborn. Life is like a picture. You have to paint it yourself. Don't let others paint it for you. After all, you can paint your own life only when you know who you are and what you wish.

MIND REVOLUTIONis possible if you have a clear understanding of yourself. First and foremost, you must identify yourself. Knowing yourself is the first step toward changing who you are. The Whole Mind Assessment will help you figure out who you are. The Whole Mind Assessment can help you figure out how you define yourself and your life. The Whole Mind Assessment also reveals your talents. Talent is a gift from God that makes life easier for you. It is your responsibility to multiply talent. Your life becomes more important and colorful as your talent develops. Your talent will automatically be multiplied when you have an Open Mindset and a Growth Mindset. Only once you've honed your gift will your fate alter. Changes in your Mindset are required for your success.

Let's revolutionize your Mindset. Join our Intensive Workshop with the topic of "MIND REVOLUTION" on January 18 and 19, 2020.

Workshop Goal

This workshop aims to map and develop thinking skills, mindsets, and talents, in order for you to synergize them with your chosen profession.

Workshop Agenda

This workshop requires 10 hours which are carried out in two days with the following details: